My Kayak Menagerie

(including some who are no longer with me)

Over the course of the 10 years I've been paddling whitewater I've owned a bunch of boats.

I've designed and built 2 cedar strip canoes.

I've designed and built 4 different whitewater play boats (composite), one of which I made a mold for.

I've built one composite boat by using a polyethylene boat as a male mold.

And I've owned a number of commercially produced whitewater boats.

Cedar canoe I

Cedar canoe II

Mohawk Solo 13

Hydra Dragonfly II (Evinrude)

Eskimo Gambler

Glass "Pyro-ette"

New Wave "Cruise Control"

Hydra "Centaur"

Eskimo "Topolino"



Addict II

Dagger "Infrared" I

Dagger "CFS"

Sub 150

Dagger Id 7.0

Dagger "Infrared" II